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Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Let My People Go Surfing by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, is a great inspiration for our business. We highly recommend reading this if you are not into business as usual!  To get started: 10 Most Profound Passages From ‘Let My People […]

Demain, a film about positive change

Here is another movie we highly recommend! Unlike many doomsday films, Demain shows real solutions regarding climate change, agriculture, education, energy, democracy and many other subjects our society needs to tackle. 

We open our doors for World Environment Day

We open our doors to the office and terrace this saturday, 12-14h and will give a guided tour explaining everything we did to make our office eco-friendlier. Check out PINYA Jornades de Portes Obertes for other spaces to visit during the World […]

Heroic Future, let’s build a better future!

Here is someone who manages to inspire and motivate us, to build a better future. Check out planetary futurist Alex Steffen’s Heroic Future project, and see “why we can’t build what we can’t imagine”. Please also listen to Alex explain “why a […]

w-w, our (not so) eco-friendly bathroom piece

Check out our bathroom in the office! We installed the w+w by Roca, a toilet/sink that recycles the grey water to flush the toilet. It is a great talking piece and works, but, we were told that it is probably not that […]

What happens to the recycling in Barcelona?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the recycling when it leaves our Casas? And why Cava bottles should be taken to the Punto Verde recycling point instead of the glass container? What happens to lightbulbs? Until the rest of the […]

We protest against mass tourism

This afternoon we will hit the street and ask for a more sustainable tourism, instead of mass tourism for Barcelona! Quality rather than quantity. A new model that works for the citizens, not just big companies. We have to learn from cities […]

Park(ing) Day: more green spaces, less cars!

Once again we occupied a parking slot to manifest our wish for more green spaces and less cars in cities, especially Barcelona’s city center. Here some photos of this year’s spot in from of the Arc de Triomf, 5 minutes walk from […]

This Changes Everything climate change

Book recommendation: This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs Climate Change

We are big fans of Naomi Klein, and want to recommend her book “This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs Climate Change”. We are excited about the movie too, it is due to come out this autumn. If you want to read more about […]

The most boring viral video

Please support Arrels Fundació by watching this most boring viral video! Arrels made our bedside tables and upcycled stools, under the supervision of designer Curro Claret. The foundation helps homeless people in Barcelona find their path towards autonomy, offering them housing, meals, […]

This is the Very Best Way to Experience a Foreign City

Check out Nancy Mitchell’s This is the Very Best Way to Experience a Foreign City. A wonderful article which we fully agree on. “The whole point of travel is to experience something different, right? So why do so many vacations wind up […]

green hotel co2 emissions

Travel agency offsets CO2 emissions of its customers’ hotel stays for free

Travel agency offsets CO2 emissions of its customers’ hotel stays for free GreenHotelWorld enables travelers to find the most eco-conscious hotels and have the CO2 emissions from their stay offset for free. We like this initiative! yök is also working towards becoming […]

How bad are bananas? A book recommendation.

We strongly recommend the book “How bad are bananas. The carbon footprint of everything” by Mike Berners-Lee. It is very interesting, well argued, useful and entertaining! It tells and explains you the CO2 footprint of pretty much everything from sending an email to […]

Design for Life open now

Design for Life is a new exhibition at the Museu del Disseny. It demonstrate the key role that design can play in providing solutions to everyday problems of different types, improving the welfare of citizens, both in our immediate context and in […]

Fix-it if you can!

At yök we like fixing things, here some examples. Check out Reparat Millor que Nou to get help mending things in Barcelona. To repair china, we use a Japanese technique called Kintsugi (gold joinery).